Book hotel rooms on Chennai Highway near Acharapakkam

Published on April-28-2018 12:06:03

Hotel Sulaiha offers Best hotel room in Acharapakkam these stylish rooms are modern,  suitable for relaxing and business trips. Our rooms are Bright and spacious, offer the privacy you want. You cannot find our facilities like flat screen televisions, DVD players, music systems, Wi-Fi and 24 hour room service in any other hotel on Chennai highway. For parking vehicles we have more space with beautiful garden. The garden has different flower trees and gives a peaceful feeling these highlights are the major influence for more customers to select us.

Everyone wants more facilities at a less cost by taking this factor we are ready to give our Deluxe rooms at a reasonable cost so, find our hotel cheap in Acharapakkam for your stay. Our hotel combined with hut restaurant here you can enjoy a range of meals, drinks and snacks throughout the day, including English breakfast and Italian breakfast etc. Our hotel offering a choice of seating like inside restaurant or outside opened huts, our candlelit dinners are very popular amongst our patrons.

Our executive rooms in hotel on GST Road are having balconies with beautiful garden view all of which you can enjoy through the huge floor ceiling windows. The rooms are specially designed to create the perfect setting for a romantic weekend. The rooms have attached bathrooms and has walk in shower facilities. All rooms in our hotel having comfortable seating areas, air conditioning, along with luxurious bedding that will give you a great sleep.